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The Department of Philosophy came into being with the establishment of Government Degree College Women (Sopore) in 2005. Philosophy is the rational study of fundamental problems which consists of existence, reality, cause-effect relation, knowledge, mind, soul, world, language, values and so on. Moreover, philosophy is the introductory science of all subjects. Its subject matter is to evaluate and analyze statements on the basis of logical and critical inquiry. Philosophy is the search for its ultimate in the field of epistemology, logic, beauty, education, science, metaphysics and language. It is the persistent effort to know and to philosophize things. Philosophy, being a critical and reflective enquiry, Sharpens our thought, enhances our understanding and develops our intellectual perspective. The Department of philosophy offers programs of philosophy at B.A, level including various thrust areas of philosophy like; Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Kashmir Shaivism, Islamic Philosophy, Contemporary Western Philosophy.

Head of Department


    The department is dedicated to provide congenital Philosophical platform where learners can get good exposure and logical ability of different areas of philosophy and can learn method as well as ways of philosophical inquiry
    Presently Dr Farhat Abbas is serving as Assistant Professor on Academic Arrangement basis in the Department. He has completed his Masters from Barkatulla University Bhopal and Ph.D from Barkatulla University Bhopal.


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Dr Farhat Abbas Lecturer M.A, Ph.D CV of Dr Farhat Abbas